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​​​ ​​Adair Park II

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

10am – 6pm


Name of Organization/Business: __________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________


City: ____________________________ State: __________________________ Zip: __________


Telephone: __________________________ Email: ___________________________________


Contact Person: _______________________________________________________________



Game Registration

Service/Non-Profit Vendor 

(No merchandise No Sales)



Merchandise Vendor

(no food or beverages including water)



Food / Beverage Vendor



All Food / Beverage Vendors must submit food permits/license

Additional Fees may apply for food vendors 

Tennis – $25 per person

6 games (toss) each

Play w/winner


Baseball - $250 per team or $25 per person

Team consist of 9 players

Up to Three Innings –


Basketball – $250 per team or $25 per person

Team consist of 5 players

30-point game


All games are in rotation for maximum participation



Application and Registration due: Monday, June 27, 2018 … Payments can be mailed to: P.O. Box 10746, Atlanta, GA 30310 or PayPal: Street Meet Company


Participation / Registration Agreement

Vendor / Registrant agrees to participate during Street Meet Company 4th of July Celebration at Adair Park II and will be responsible for all fees associated with vending / registering for booth and/or games. Vendor / Registrant agrees that once agreement is signed donation of monies will not be refunded if Vendor / Registrant is unable to participate.


Amount Paid $ ____________________________________


Print Name: __________________________________________________________________


Sign Name: ______________________________________________ Date: _________________



Street Meet Company is a A99 non-profit organization with interest for housing, community and economic development.

Street Meet Company 

Vendor / Registration Application