Kwanzaa Celebration

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Kwanzaa is an American Holiday celebrated December 26 - January One. Kwanzaa brings a cultural message that speaks to what it means to practice Nguzo Saba. Given the profound significance Kwanzaa gives an accurate and expansive account of its origins, concepts, values, symbols and practices and likeness for arts and crafts from around the world. 

Kwanzaa provides a structure to embrace family, community, and culture. It creates the route of acknowledging work and harvest. Moreover, given the growth of Kwanzaa an authoritative source that aids in both framing and informing the discussions is likewise of the greatest importance for the structures for family, community and culture. Therefore, Kwanzaa provides information that reveals and reaffirms the integrity, beauty, and expansive meaning of the holiday and thus aids in our approach of thought, dignity, and sense of specialness it deserves. 

The festivities of harvest, provides a thoroughfare of responsibility and accountability for the practices of Nguzo Saba as it relate to our interaction in politics, community affairs, economics and domestic and united as it relates to our Proclamation of sovereignty, liberation, civility, and constitutional stability. United to the maintenance of Collective Work & Responsibility of vigilant work and labor. The wellspring of family, community, and the integrity of the environment our kinetics the rich resource and meaning of community. Your participation supports our effort for the celebration


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Collective Work & Responsibility 

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