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What is BB&D?

Business Building and Development

To create Business Building & Development (BB&D) with an establishment that focuses on entrepreneurial readiness and workforce development. The opportunity to create sustainable employment will create innovation and development in industry:

• Transportation Industry
• Housing Industry
• Manufacturing Industry
• International Relations

We note that many entrepreneurs and small business ventures are applying their efforts at the piece of the pie. It is good that we have opportunities that suffice our ideas and goals to small business ownership.
We see the onset of many business looking to co-work because some of the ideas are similar and can be utilized for larger projects. Are factors money, talents, education? If so, what about working with others to build a wing and/or extension to existing corporation, business, organization or government?
Business Building views marketing as what is being applied and approaches to do doing business. Viewing business with the international arena and helping other areas of the world like North Korea to improve their power grid for electricity.

In regards to our workforce, education became advance to job readiness and options to trade schools. In turn, remedial training for college graduates looking for job placement was with low pay and entry level positions giving to High School graduates.
The goals are many, Ladette Enterprises effort to bridge talents that may be overlooked due to lack of knowledge or subject support, financial support to extended education that is collegiate focus, Team structure to get the job done, securing intellectual property and creating sustainable employment for communities via co-ops or community businesses. Outreach to Urban and Rural communities.

 College Graduate custom curriculums that are project related. Utilizing Colleges, Universities and OJT facilities for community extension learning and education.
 Location for daily and weekly classes and project assignments. Create programming that will be supplant to existing community and economic development. Install innovations for job creations and sustainable cooperative economics, etc.
 Establish Sister-City with out of country entity such as the Americas. The State of Georgia supports international import and exports.


---Employers are looking for talented people and applying for work can be competitive, employers may get several application for a few jobs given a ratio of 1 job/ 50 applicants. The employer decision to hire results with details in resume, applicants’ previous employer and often times brushing inexperience and unemployed. These are notable reasons to why college graduates are not getting the job.

---A graduate is looking for work and applies for employment and have a GPA of 1-2.5 the employer may not consider the applicant for employment because of low GPA. Some employers are partial to 3.5 and higher.

---Applicant is applying for apprenticeship program and management trainee program; but are not considered because their majors is not suitable to the job, evaluate Liberal Arts?

---Many graduates register their own business to do business with the government, but SBA established business states two year business relations and banking. This mean that sub-contracting and getting bids are left for those who have established relations with government contracting maybe compromised among seasoned or established bidders.

---Doing Manufacturing work is more than a one man show….when someone is seeking to do manufacturing team/teems need to be established. At times the ready idea goes through a lengthy process because the idea needs to be sold. The idea is then going through a process and intellectual property have to be investigated or a combination of same interest can be collaborated with those who are doing similar idea or product.

---Those living in under-privilege situations or disadvantages communities lack structures that support entrepreneurs and small business ideologies. Team and project management should be available to support products and ideas to improve community and economic development. For structure, promotes franchising, new creations and sustainable structures and development to corporate structure.

---College graduates lack project development skills and practice to cultivate experienced business entrepreneurs.
Participants in the community may feel left out of major decisions and involvement because ideas are on the back seat. For example, how many people from neighboring communities are actively involved with planning, zoning and building of communities?

Ladette Enterprises to attain database of college graduates, SWOT’s and create projects centered on habitat and area development to do job creations.
Create curriculums with the various industries of business, for example:

The housing market depending on the area is either a buyer or sellers’ market. We have multi-family housing that can be rehabilitated and provide assistance in the section 8 or sliding scale payment plan for reentry, homeless and veteran recipients. The efforts to solve the homeless problem in Atlanta is attainable. There are various circumstances to why homelessness have become an accumulative situation.
With Project Management we will be able to rehabilitate (not limited) multi-family and single family housing, but to facilitate cost of living to affordable places to stay. We acknowledge that many of them move into rooming houses; it’s a subjective behavior to living on compounds in barracks.

To get current analysis on homelessness.
Evaluate communities with abandon properties
Evaluate incomes and house placement via Housing Authority
Collectively there are things we can do to improve our communities, develop teams that are supportive to our college graduates and talents. Hope the information is idea of how we can cultivate, engage and lead how we do business with our communities. 

The core focus will be:
Creating, Developing and sustaining our Rolodex

Seven Principles to Leadership and how it is applied to Family, Community and Culture and everyday life. Other subjects are custom on hand approaches to:

Strategic Planning
Field sales
People Operations
Develop sustainable groups/teams
K.I.T.E (Knowledge, Intelligence, Trade/Talents, and Education)

BB&D Building Business & Development is to create jobs and sustainable employment. The results will provide extended education certificates from neighboring colleges and universities in subjects of supply chain, foreign language, and leadership, etc.
The goal is to train and employ entrants to be innovative, advance business skills and relations to various industries and become leaders in business development.